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This is a brand new, fresh experience for getting you in shape. Success is very much reliant on working in teams and we plan to get you working in partners and Groups.

This class is unlike any other Martial Arts Program. With the creative flair of kickboxing techniques and routines that are designed to get you working in pairs through out the class.

I can assure you this class is the most exciting fitness program to date. In our classes the music is current and the social atmosphere is like a saturday night. The results are second to none.

If you do not see a change after 30 days of playing full out i'll give you your money back and another 30 days free.

So what to expect at one of our sessions:-

We are going to start you off with Easy to learn routines that is going to get you stronger, fitter and more confident in a very short amount of time. As I probably indicated before 99% of your workout is designed to get you working with the support of a partner. As you get stronger and more confident we will increase your work and intensity.

Our Kickboxing Classes in Manchester are specifically created for people on a busy schedule who want to discover how to

  • Get in shape and stay in shape
  • Kick start energy levels
  • Train in a supportive friendly environment
  • Gain unstoppable confidence
  • Acquire vital self defence skills

Kickboxing Manchester

Whatever your goals are to get fit, learn self defence, learn how to defend yourself or just meet new friends and have a ton of fun at our Kickboxing Manchester classes, nothing is impossible – we make it happen! Whatever your goals in mind, we will cater to your needs. You don’t have to worry along the way because we have professional kickboxing trainers who will coach, guide and inspire you to develop your personal, Mental and physical strength.

Why Partner with Us?

With Kickboxing Manchester, we make it happen! We take pride to be one of the Kickboxng academies that does not just focus on the physical but mental game as well. To have an overview of what we do, kickboxing is known as a popular fitness regimen that replaces aerobics and other indoor exercise equipment workouts with a functional system that teaches you self-defense as well. Both kids and adults can benefit with the plethora of advantages of making our Kickboxing Manchester classes a personal, emotional, and physical strength developer. Here are just a few of the things you can get from us:

Weight Reduction

We also understand that weight problem can makes you lose your self-confidence and self-esteem. If that is the case, don’t worry, there is help coming your way. Kickboxing is a triple fat burning routine second to none. With Kickboxing you use all your body to play the game. Your level of intensity gets you in that fat burning zone ad as you progress you will move up in zones to improve performance.

So we can help increase your heart rate and help you burn calories and fats. During your workout at our Kickboxing Manchester classes, you can expect to burn up to 350 to 450 calories in a single session. With the continued sessions, we can make it happen.


The movement, punching and kicking, rolling and slipping action can help you effectively improve coordination and balance. Your reflexes will be sharpened with the help of the workout. If you are new to kickboxing, that is not a problem we have a slow start program for you . You will get the best of coordination and balance over time. Do not be afraid to fall, we are always here to assist, coach and guide you all the way to make it happen.

Time Saving

Get serious. Do 40 hard minutes, not an hour and half of nonsense. It's so much more rewarding.”.Jason Statham. Our Kickboxing classes is about working with intensity. You come in work it hard and the rest of the day is yours.

Self Defense

There are many hands on styles that claim to be the best self defense system on the planet however knowing how to throw a good old right cross or roll under a hey maker or deliver your own kick to the never regions is as common and effective as it always has been. Kickboxing is a wonderful way to pick up self defense skills while getting fit and meeting new people.

Strength Building

Kickboxing can help to build the upper and lower body muscles through the repetitive strikes you do to build great technique. In addition, the hamstrings become tougher as you are mastering the very art of kicking accurately and properly. Furthermore, the abdominal muscles are also strengthened from the different positions that are required to perform various movements. Lastly importantly your core strengthens as you are balancing to perform your routines. Not all of these strengths can be done by you alone in a gym. Therefore, you need a team or a tribe to work with under the supervision of a coach. If you are willing to achieve this advantage, then allow us to make it happen try a free class.

Cardiovascular Improvements

At Our kickboxing classes we will keep you moving and are fully aware of training zones. We will never push you past what you are capable of but are fully aware you need to be to improve your cardio. So our training regimes are different for beginners and hardened athletes. As a result, your cardiovascular will improve with us.

Stress Reduction

For those who are under the influence of stress and other brain draining life situations, Kickboxing Manchester helps them somehow lessen their emotional loads. We allow them to take their frustrations, depressions, disappointments, and anger on a punching bag to help them relive their stress and somehow gain back their normal emotions. A high intensity work out like what we offer can reduce stress. Just as what we said, we are not just working with you physically but we are also secretly relieving the stress to make your goals happen.

Come and take up a Free trial or Web Offer

If you are considering the above benefits, then our Kickboxing Manchester class can be the best choice you ever made. Discover your full potential and see how we are going to affect your well being. Get started today by booking a class or requesting information of our Free trial period or web offers.

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